Saturday, 28 January 2012

How to copy Rihanna's latest style

Hello everyone,

We all know Rihanna has changed her image many times, from her pixie cut to her stunning bright red hair (which caused a huge amount of young girls to run out and invest in some new red hair dye) and I have to say that I am loving her wardrobe choices at the moment. Especially in her most recent videos 'we found love' and 'you da one'.  I thought because I have spent so much time researching how to find cheap copies of what she wears that I should share some of my knowledge with you guys.

'We found love'

Since I saw the video for 'we found love' where Rihanna wears a pair of Maria Francesca Pepe cross earrings I have been obsessed with trying to find a similar pair. 

I was so happy to discover that Asos stocks a similar design to Rihanna's and even better they are actually by Maria herself. 

Unfortunately, I think a lot of other people have also discovered this and so the item has been out of stock since Christmas,  so it was safe to say I didn't get the present I had put on my wish list from santa. I will keep an eye on the page and let you all know when they become available because at only £42 I think they are a bargain...oh and lets no forget student discount :).

Another thing that I loved from the same video was Rihanna's oversized denim jacket, as I think it adds an effortlessly sexy feel to any outfit, either over a day dress with a pair of converse or team it with some hot pants for a slight festival vibe.

One of the closest denim jackets I have found to this is from urban outfitters, its an urban renewal jacket, so slightly vintage and slightly cheaper than others I have found (especially for the quality).


I think this is definitely a must have piece as it will last you a lifetime!

'You da one'

In her latest video  'You da one' my favourite outfit choice is the one pictured below...

I think this outfit is very easy to recreate, all you need is a pair of denim shorts, which can be easily purchased from any of the following stores: New Look, Topshop, River Island, Asos and Urban Outfitters (the cheapest being new look). If you want to create the exact look seen above then underneath these shorts you need a pair of leggings and I have found these beauties from for £9.99. But if you want a more subtle look then just opt for a pair of plain black tights.

                                      Cream Script Black Printed Leggings
Next all you need is a white vest top which can be cheaply purchased from Primark, H&M or New Look and a pair of braces, which I have found can be brought from Asos for £10 or for the lovely price of £3.99 you can get them from ebay (pictured below).


Hope you have found all this information useful so that you can all go off and have fun creating your own Rihanna style.

Till next time...

Ally J

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