Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wish List of the Week

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been lacking on the posts recently, I have been busy organising a surprise 21st birthday party for my boyfriend, which turned out to be not such a surprise in the end! Apparently the fact I was applying fake tan and buying shoes and generally making more effort than normal, meant a big event was going down.

Anyway here is what I have been lusting after this week. I know all these picks aren't full of the most summery of colours but for some reason I am always drawn to blacks and greys. Also I am in love with anything that flows at the moment, especially things that I can twirl and prance around in and I think these picks are perfect for that. Generally, I just want to enjoy wearing a skirt/dress rather than jeans which I can be found wearing most days.

From left to right:
Spike Necklace - Topshop
Chain shoulder tunic - Topshop
Maxi - River Island
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Belt - Topshop
Black Mesh Wedges - River Island
What do you guys think to my wish list? Is there anything you are lusting after this week?


Ally J



  1. Lovely pieces! Check out my giveaway, if you like.

  2. I love the dipped hem skirt, it's such a pretty colour!
    Ah bet your boyfriend appreciated it though, even though he guessed!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. Gorgeous!!!


  4. I love the red skirt. I got one in a similar shape for my holiday in a few weeks. Summer is barely here so I think the muted colours are rather appropriate! xx

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I'd love to be followers! I've clicked your GFC button :)
    We have really similar tastes, actually: I'm in jeans alll the time but if weather permitted I'd be in swinging skirts everyday! And I love a bit of grey; it's so understated.

    Pleased to have connected with you!

  6. the maxi skirt is gorgeous!x

  7. the chain shoulder tunic and the maxi skirt are so gorgeous - i love reading posts like this, but my bank balance definitely suffers from them! hah, lovely blog :)xo

  8. These are some amazing items!


  9. I love these items :)
    I am especially loving the shoes and the dress :)
    Atm Im mostly trying to find a peach/orange/coral colored blouse but I can´t find one that I like :/

    take care

  10. Hi! I like your blog! may be let's follow each other? if u want) I'll be very happy!)

  11. thank you for the comment!
    yeah, i follow you now :)

  12. Loving your post!
    Happy to have found your blog. Glaldly follow you via gfc and bloglovin!
    Hope you can follow me too on both!

    Lots of love,

  13. Ah i love it all ! especially that maxi. Hope the party is good xx


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