Saturday, 11 May 2013

Laid back Look


Sorry I have been a bit MIA at the moment, what with exams, my dissertation and trying to find a job for when I graduate I'm not left with a lot of time to dedicate to my blog, which I hate because this is definitely the more fun option.

However, today I actually had time to go out for dinner and so decided to dress up a bit, as I have mainly been living in either my PJ's or sweatpants (I know not the most stylish of options but I guess that's a students life during revision). Well as you can tell I'm not a really fancy dress up kind of person, I much prefer the laid back stylish approach, you know the 'I just threw it on' look but still look super cool (well that's what I'm trying for anyway, whether I pulled it off is for you guys to decide :) )

I paired my Topshop slouchy maroon t-shirt, with a very old Topshop waistcoat, that I have found a new love for. I then threw on my pair of wet look black jeans, that are so great for comfort/style and then topped the look off with my oxblood cut out boots (again Topshop, I do think I need to start shopping somewhere else, I'm getting slightly predictable!).

My arm candy consisted of a gem/glass bracelet that used to belong to my nan, a sliver bangle that actually came from a gift shop of a museum when I was younger (you know the gift shops where on school trips as a kid you would always end up buying some funky shaped rubber from) and then the ring is from UO.

Do any of you like a stylish laid back look for going out?


Ally J




  1. enjoying your arm candy and love the boots!

    Lena x

  2. Love this whole outfit :)
    The arm candy and the ring are all so pretty :)
    There is something magical about jewelries that has belonged to relatives :)


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