Thursday, 23 August 2012

Blog Sale - Nerdette Shop

Hey everyone...

So basically I am slowly running low on funds due to my very unhealthy shopping obsession, so today I decided to clear out my wardrobe and sell off a few things.

So have a browse and if there is anything you like fell free to drop me an email :)


Ally J



  1. Can't believe your selling some of these clothes! They are soo nice.
    Love the stripey topshop cardi xx

    1. I know I have to try and not look at them so I don't try and put them back in my wardrobe haha but it has to be done, running low on funds and this is the only thing I can think off. Might want to get in quick if you like it, it is in great condition barely worn as I accidently left it at home while I was at uni :)



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