Sunday, 31 January 2016


Happy Sunday!

Gosh... it has been freezing this weekend, so much so that when we visited Portobello Road market I had to buy myself a new woolly hat. Granted I had been wanting a fluffy bobble hat for some time now, but as it was actually cold I felt it justified my purchase even more! I managed to haggle with the woman on her market stall a fair bit so if you are looking for one of these hats Portobello Road is definitely the place to pay a visit, over £15 cheaper than in the shops, and the fluffy pom pom is detachable for easy machine washing.

I tend to visit this market a lot when I'm looking for pieces for the flat, there are lots of cute antique stores, full of memories and amazing vintage items which you could get lost in for hours. There are also lots of lovely little flowers stalls, so I couldn't help but pick up a bunch of wild flowers and if you are looking for somewhere to eat there are plenty of food stalls, I highly recommend the pizza stands which also sell fresh bread which smells amazing.

If any of you are thinking of visiting this market I would advise to go early on a Saturday morning, as this can be a tourist heavy area, so if you get there early you miss the main rush and can freely move through all the stalls. This is such a lovely area and if you are only in London for the weekend I think it's nice to see somewhere different than the central areas of Regent St, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.

Have a lovely evening all


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  1. Gorgeous photos, I love visiting new and different places in London - have you ever visited Broadway market, they have independent brands x


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