Sunday, 1 February 2015


Jacket - Asos
Sweat - French Connection
Skirt - Asos
Necklace - Accessorize
Boots - Ella Cru

Another weekend time flies when you want to keep having fun!

I received the skirt pictured above from my Ma and Pa for Christmas, as a new addition to my work wardrobe. I get a bit bored of wearing black everyday in the Offuce, even though it is my favourite colour and the most flattering, however, some colleagues are starting to think I am a bit of an emo, so I am making a conscious effort to add in a few splashes of colour.

Normally at work I would pair this skirt with a black sweatshirt to smarten it up, but for the weakened I thought I could add a casual touch with my trusty French Connection sweat. The perfect smart/cool ensemble.

Do any of you have an item of clothing you like to wear to work and out at the weekend?

Ally J



  1. Beautiful look, love your skirt. ^^
    New post is online...

  2. Love the colour of our skirt, it looks amazing! x


  3. Love that skirt! Wish I could rock it like you do! I'm too gangly for it *sad face*

    Love your blog, followed!

  4. What a beautiful dash of colour :)
    Rebecca / xx

  5. Love that shade of blue! The skirt really does seem so versatile for both office and weekend wear xx
    Love and Marmalade


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