Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Make a statement

Hey guys...

So finally after a few weeks without an outfit post...ta daaa! I am always such a bad blogger while I am at uni and it gets hard to find the time to take outfit posts. However, now that I am home I have no excuses and I promise to do my best to keep on top.

Today I have been styling my extremely awesome trousers that I purchased from Topshop a couple of weeks back. I wore them out in shoreditch last weekend for a friends birthday as I wanted to try and keep up with the trendy/quirky vibe shoreditch has going on. Anyway later on into the night as I was walking home, I was actually asked my an American which clubs I recommended around here, I replied back saying that I actually wasn't from around here and so didn't know many and his reply was "what with those pants your not from around here". So result, I actually managed to make myself look 'shoreditchy' :)

The trousers are also perfect for the snowy weather we are having at the moment as they are cropped so there is no chance of them getting wet. I them paired them with a plain black top as I wanted to let the trousers do all the talking. For accessories I wore my £10 Topshop boots, I reckon the best bargain I have ever got! And I decided to go all out on the ear bling and doubled up on my ear cuffs.

What do you guys think? Anyone else rocking the statement trousers?


Ally J



  1. Love your whole outfit, especially the trousers! X

  2. I love these trousers on you! The print is great and so good for the monochrome trend x

  3. Wow, I like all the pieces that contains this outfit!
    You look really modern and chick :-)


  4. these trousers are awesome on you, I'm so happy that monochrome has made a return. xxx

  5. Ive always loved the monochrome look. you look very indie like. me likey!


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