Sunday, 17 March 2013

Simple Monochrome

Hello everyone...

So today I was feeling a bit stressed from my uni work, including a dissertation that I seem to have been suffering from writers block with for the past two days and a new 4,000 word write up that I need to start. There is just not enough hours!

Anyway, I decided that to try and help with my writers block and to help relieve some of my stress I would get a little bit creative and do a nail art post. Now I know I am a bit late jumping on the monochrome trend, however, I don't think the black and white combo will ever out date. I actually have some really awesome monochrome trousers to show you all but I'm waiting for the weather to improve so that I can show them off in the best light :). 

So what do you guys think to my latest design?

To create this simple design all you need is a black base coat and then a white nail art pen and then literally do whatever design takes your fancy (I know slightly obvious but I feel I have to give some instructions on how I did it).

Is anyone else still rocking the monochrome trend, or am I the only late arriver into this trend?


Ally J



  1. Love your nails which are so cool for the monochrome trend x

  2. I love monochrome nails - I think it's a really cute way of interpreting the trend! xxx

  3. these are HOT#


  4. These are amazing! Good job! How on earth did you do your other hand though!

    E x


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