Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dress like Blake Lively for Less

Hello everyone,

I have always been a massive fan of Blake Lively's fashion choices, but this particular choice has to be one of my favourites...

I love the simplicity of wearing all black and having the scarf as the main focul point. Unfortunately though the price of this outfit is a little over my budget, or should I say wayyyyy over my budget. Now prepare yourself for the list of what this entire outfit cost:

Diesel, Grupee Super Slim Skinny
Available at

Price: $205.99

Givenchy, Bicolor Medium Antigona Duffel
Available at

Diesel, L-SIENNA
Available at
Price: $750.00

Theodora & Callum, Gold Multi Goa Tie All Scarf
Available at
Price: $175.00

Frye, Lucy Lace Up
Available at
Price: $288.00

With the total outfit (excluding the bag) price amounting to $1418.99/£896.52! However faboulous this outfit is I don't think my student budget will somehow stretch to this. So I set myself a challenge to try and find an exact look a like outfit for atleast one quarter of the price, so that would mean I will be aiming at around £224.13 (this is where maths pays off :) ). So anyway, here goes nothing...

First you need the statement leather jacket. Here I believe is where you should spend the most money as it is a must have piece for your wardrobe that will stand the test of time and the more weathered the leather gets the better the look. I found this leather biker jacket from Asos for £100 (don't forget the 10% student discount).

Next you need the black skinny jeans. For this you definitely have to visit brand alley, I discovered this site 6 months ago, when I snapped up a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans for the delightful price of £50! But for this look I managed to find a black pair of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania by Lee skinny jeans, again for the amazing price of £54 reduced from £108, definite bargain.

Then you need the statement black heeled boots and for this I found a pair from Office. In the sale as well for £40, who said good things couldn't come out of the recession.

Office Nuff said Black leather

Next, just a basic black t-shirt, here is one I found from New Look for only £4.99.

Black (Black) Basic Seam Back T-Shirt | 240189901 | New Look

 Lastly, but by no means least, we have the piece de resistance, the signature scarf. I spent ages trying to find something that would have been a perfect match, however, nothing like that existed, so after around 3 hours of continuous searching I came across this beauty....

This vintage paisley scarf was found on Asosmarket place, for £22.

This brings my whole outfit total to £220.99, I even managed to save £3.13 off my original target.
So as I have just proven you don't need to spend a fortune to look a million dollars :).

Till next time....

Ally J


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