Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Power of the Pastels

Hello everyone,

Spring is coming and with it it brings an array of clothing ranging all over the colour trend spectrum. You can choose any colour to match your mood for that day and I am particularly loving the paler pastel colours. I think these can help to create a sweet and feminine look that isn't quite as in your face as some of the other brighter more vibrant prints. I consider it to be a subtler way of creating the colour blocking trend that is out at the moment. Be adventurous and try mixing various colours together, such as light pink plus mint green plus a pale yellow. Phillip Lim gave us a cool dose of creamy sherbet and icy lemon flavors for his spring line collection (pictured below). By teaming silk trousers with loose fitting blazers and tops he has created a casual yet oh so elegant look.

So I have been eyeing up what I think could be some of the best bargain picks to start off this new trend.

1) These Orphela Skinny Jeans pictured below are not only cheap but they come paired with a candy pink belt, what's not to love. Team with black as pictured below, to create a stark contrast or try pairing with the pale yellow sherbet colour as pictured above to truly show off the colour blocking trend.

Orphela Skinny Jeans £25.99

2) Or how about this fitted lace skater dress with cut out back detail. It comes in 4 different pastel colours blue, pink, lemon and lilac. A classic shape that oozes elegance, perfect for those sunny days in the park.

Lemon (Yellow) Lace Cut Out Back Skater Dress | 246060286 | New Look £32.99.

4) I think this top is so delicate and beautiful, really captures a woman's feminity. 

                                                Shop the trend: Pastels £29.50

5) This blazer would be perfect paired with some skinny jeans if you don't want to go all out pastel. Team with dolly shoes for the day or heels for the evening.

                                    Shop the trend: Pastels £79.99

6) Define your waist with these super skinny belts that are bang on trend and come in an array of colours, these two were my favourites.
Image 1 of ASOS Pastel Metal Keeper Super Skinny BeltImage 1 of ASOS Pastel Metal Keeper Super Skinny Belt £6.00

Unfortunately my budget it quite limited at the moment, so I think I will have to leave all the spending to you guys. However, I did manage to find this beauty hiding in my jewellery box and so at least I can say I am one piece down in collecting my perfect pastel outfit.

Well I hope you enjoyed rummaging through a few of my ideas and make sure you follow me next weekend as I am off to London Fashion Weekend :) so there will definitely be some exciting news to tell.

Till next time....

Ally J



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