Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Topshop Jewellery

Hello everyone,

So instead of doing work I have just got back from a major expedition to the MASSIVE Topshop on Oxford Street, thought it would be best to go during the week as I have tried weekends and let me warn you it can get messy, far too many people in a confined space. Anyway, the main thing that caught my eye on this particular occasion was the jewellery was beautiful. I think I circled this particular section of the shop for at least an hour before I decided on three special pieces which I would actually purchase (believe me it was a tough decision). But anyway here are the three winners:

1) Cross Drop Hoops - These were really a no brainer because I have been searching for a pair of cross earrings that look like Rihanna's from her music video 'we found love' for ages. They have a feminine feel with a slight gothic edge which I love and they are very light weight, so are extremely comfortable to wear. In addition to this they can be purchased for the bargain price of £5, so what reasons do you have not to buy these?

2) Stud Ear Cuff - I have seen quite a few of these around and they looked really interesting so I thought I would finally give them a try. Once I got home I couldn't wait to try them out and well I will let you decide from the pictures but I thought they looked pretty cool. You can get an extra piercing without the pain, what is not to love. Some of you might be wondering whether the clip hurts at the top of your ear but let me assure you it doesn't at all, it is tight enough so it stays in place but not too tight that it hurts. These cost me £12 but one thing I would point out is that I think they would look best with a contrasting earring, so possibly only wear one and then a different earring in the other ear. So if you have a friend who wants some too, you could possibly split the pair and have one each. I opted for a simple looking cuff as this was my experimental buy but now I have seen how amazing they look I will definitely be going back to try some of the more adventurous pairs.

3) Pagan Wrist Wear to Ring - This piece called my name straight away as I am always one for the bling. But it also looked very unique and I love how the bracelet and ring have been combined into one. At first I thought it might be quite uncomfortable to wear but I have been wearing it for the rest of the day and it seems fine. I think this is definitely the sort of accessory you would wear to top of the perfect evening outfit, for me personally I wouldn't wear any other jewellery with this piece because something as gorgeous as this deserves to be the centre of attention. And at £14 I think this is a complete steal.

So I would definitely recommend getting down to Topshop fast to snap up some of the best jewellery I have seen for a while.

Till next time...

Ally J



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