Monday, 22 October 2012

KilaJewel Top Picks!

Just a quickie to let you all in on the 'Top Picks' at KilaJewel.

As a fellow fashionista I understand that winter can be a challenging time in terms of outfit choices. It's always hard to show your individualism and quirkiness whilst layering yourself with coats and scarfs etc...that's why I believe now is the perfect time to be jazzing up our winter wardrobe with a little bit of bling. How about showing off your unique sense of style through your jewellery choices? Just because we have to cover our outfit with a coat doesn't mean we can't show off some rocking arm and hand I right or am I right?

So check out these great picks from

From top left to bottom right:
1. vintage-style-ring
3. new-world-ring
4. double skull bangle
5. black-gem-ring


Ally J


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